Hi, my name is Nik. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to visit my website. I have collated a catalogue of photographs from large-scale limited edition landscape prints to smaller items including calendars and acrylic blocks.

Nik is a fine art Landscape Photographer from Queensland, although he’s been living in Newcastle, NSW since 2013 with his wife Lyn. He is drawn to the natural beauty of landscapes and has been recognized in international competitions for his photographs from across Australia and New Zealand.

Nik has been around cameras since an early age. Through his childhood, Nik’s dad had a large collection of film cameras of varying types. Nik has great memories of looking through photos on slides projected onto the wall at home with his family. Later, whilst at university studying Civil Engineering Nik’s interest in photography was reinvigorated, providing a creative outlet. During this time, he spent a great deal of time photographing local landscapes. One of his favourites in Brisbane was the old Hornibrook Bridge, a historic timber bridge stretching from Sandgate to Clontarf. This photo was his first printed large on canvas.

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Nik finished uni and started working in engineering, and photography became more than simply a hobby. Nik found a natural eye for composition and continued developing his skills further, taking a keen interest in all aspects of landscape photography. These days his focus is particularly seen in long exposure panoramas.

You will find me happiest when I am out and about, camera and tripod at arms reach, with some interesting light about and a breathtaking vista ahead. These moments are both peaceful and exciting. My aim in exploring these beautiful landscapes is to bring them and the emotion they evoke back to you, the viewer.

Nik’s technical background in engineering is coupled with his high standards from camera set up through to printing and finishing, using the highest quality materials and techniques available. If a photo isn’t quite right it is a prompt to restart with camera and tripod in hand.

For some of the stories behind Nik’s photos and the techniques used to capture them, take a look at the blog.

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